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Don’t Allow Household Pests to Spring Break Into Your Home!

large black ants crawling on a purple flower

The saying goes that, in life, we must take the bad with the good. When it comes to living in Florida, the good is the sunny days, ocean breezes and tropical climate. The bad is the pests, which apparently seem to enjoy the Florida lifestyle, too! With an ecosystem as unique as ours, it’s hard for people out of town to understand the pest problems we deal with on a daily basis. Pests are active year-round in the area, meaning there’s never a good time to quit on your pest control strategy!

Without a proper defense, pests are bound to enter your home looking for food or shelter (some even arrive by accident!). This is something homeowners should be aware of, especially during spring, when insect populations experience a sharp increase. The more insects there are, the more competition there is to stay alive; meaning pests will be determined to find a place to call home!

Earwigs, roaches, pill bugs, sow bugs, millipedes, and centipedes are what we call “occasional invaders” since these pests tend to mosey around indoors; and, not to mention, they are kind of gross! That being said, there are millions of different insects out there – but, given that number, we target only a few!

To make sure your home isn’t inviting any unwanted guests, it’s important that you make sure you’re covering your bases as far as prevention. In addition to a professional, integrated approach to pest control, be sure to address the following areas:

Keep Your Snacks to Yourself

While leaving out food for guests is great for entertaining, leaving out food for too long will invite the wrong kind of company! Rodents and insects alike are hungry and always on the hunt for food, so be careful of what you may be leaving out. It’s recommended that you vacuum for any food crumbs and clean up spills immediately. It’s also a good idea to refrigerate fruit when you aren’t eating it and to keep dirty dishes in warm soapy water, rather than sitting on a rack. The less food odor your home is sending to pests, the better!

One Man’s Trash…

Speaking of odor, make sure you’re taking out the trash the right way. Trashcans can be a cesspool for insect and rodent activity if they aren’t properly sealed. Make sure your waste is always sealed in a bag and that the lid is properly fastened. This is really important to do, especially as the weather starts to warm up. Food rots much easier at higher temperatures, so don’t let your trash become a pest’s treasure!

Please Mulch Responsibly

Mulching is great for your garden and trees, but it does pose some risks to your pest control strategy. In excess, mulch is practically termite bait, as wood chips retain moisture and make for an excellent food source. If you decide to use a wood-based mulch, be sure to keep it at least 15 feet away from your home’s foundation. Better yet – consider using rocks or pebbles for landscaping purposes!

Pest control in Florida is a constant battle, but we assure you that you can have the upper hand! By following the above best practices and having one of our trained professionals treat your home’s interior and exterior; you can decrease the chances of unwanted insect or rodent visitors. Contact us today!

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