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Reduced-Risk Products

At Trad’s, family comes first. We proudly use reduced-risk products to keep you and your loved ones safe!

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Saturday Servicing

It’s our mission to make pest control as hassle-free as possible. We offer Saturday servicing to suit your busy schedule.

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24-Hour Phone Lines

Trad’s offers 24-hour phone lines, so we’re available when you need us—don’t wait to get relief from pests!

We have Trad's for our termite protection, and the folks there really know what they're talking about. They're such nice people, as well!

Atlantic Beach

Pest Control in Atlantic Beach

At Trad’s Pest Control, we understand that the fight against pests can seem endless. Many homeowners come to view pests as an unavoidable evil, spending large amounts of time every day trapping rodents, dusting away spiders, or baiting ants. With the help of the expert exterminators at Trad’s Pest Control, however, you can put an end to your fight with pests once and for all. 

Our pest control in Atlantic Beach guarantees protection against:

  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes 
  • Rodents
  • Stinging insects
  • Termites
  • And more!


A Treatment Plan Designed to Meet Your Needs

Each type of pest comes with its dangers. Rodents spread harmful diseases like salmonella and Hantavirus, termites cause immense structural damage to homes, and stinging insects quickly ruin the enjoyment of the outdoors. At Trad’s Pest Control, we know that every pest problem is unique which is why we tailor our treatment program to meet the needs of each customer. 

When you partner with us for pest control, an exterminator in Atlantic Beach will provide a customized treatment plan with the following services:

  • A FREE inspection: An exterminator will carefully inspect the interior and exterior of your home to determine the best treatment plan.
  • Highly effective pest control treatments: We begin with an extensive treatment of both the interior and exterior of your home, targeting pest entry and exit points for maximum effectiveness.
  • Recurring treatments for lasting relief: Our initial treatment is followed by quarterly pest control treatments to keep pests away for good.
  • Pest-specific treatment: If a specific issue arises during the year, we are quick to return and provide treatment targeted at that specific pest.
  • Eco-friendly pest control: We use reduced-risk and organic products to keep your family AND the environment safe.
  • Free re-treatments if problems persist: If pests return, so will we to re-treat your home at no additional cost until you are 100% satisfied!

Termite Control in Atlantic Beach

Termites come in two main varieties: drywood termites and subterranean termites. Together, these insects can inflict serious damage on your wood home fixtures, from floors to window frames, as well as structural damage worth thousands of dollars. You deserve the best termite treatment possible that brings quality results—with Trad’s Pest Control, that’s just what you get. Our experienced, friendly termite exterminators will protect your home from the most destructive urban pests in the country, making your home termite-free in no time. 

Receive $100 off termite treatment! 

When you call us for termite control in Atlantic Beach, you can expect: 

  • A convenient booking process that works with your busy schedule, including Saturday services.
  • A free inspection of your home to determine the extent and type of termite problem.
  • Home termite treatment using eco-friendly, reduced-risk methods, including liquid treatments or Sentricon treatments. 
  • Reapplication of liquid treatments every five years to help prevent future infestations. 
  • Annual monitoring for termites and other pests. 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, with free re-treatments if our initial visit doesn’t completely eliminate termites. 


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