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Pest Control in St. Johns Starting at $35/Month!

Pest control in St. Johns is important for safety of your family, home, and sanity. If you want professional help at affordable prices, look no further than Trad's Pest Control.

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Reduced-Risk Products

At Trad’s, family comes first. We proudly use reduced-risk products to keep you and your loved ones safe!

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Saturday Servicing

It’s our mission to make pest control as hassle-free as possible. We offer Saturday servicing to suit your busy schedule.

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24-Hour Online Chat

Trad’s offers 24-hour webchat and text services, so we’re available when you need us—don’t wait to get relief from pests!

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St. John's

Pest Control in St. Johns

As a homeowner, few things are as stressful as a pest invasion. Whether it’s termites destroying your walls, rodents running amok in the attic, or mosquitoes terrorizing your lawn, a pest infestation can quickly take the comfort out of your home. If you’re looking for pest control in St. Johns that is guaranteed to eliminate pests, you want Trad’s Pest Control. What's better is that we also offer Saturday appointments so that you don't have to leave work early or miss your child's event!

Our exterminators in St. Johns will protect you from the following local pests:

Save $50 On Pest Control

Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Your Peace of Mind

Here at Trad’s, our exterminators and customer service representatives follow a simple motto: 100% Integrity, 100% Effort, 100% of the Time. That said, we believe that part of integrity means providing pest control in St. Johns that our customers can trust. Our reduced-risk treatments are administered by exterminators who undergo monthly training to keep them sharp and up-to-date with industry techniques. 

Our pest control in St. Johns includes:

  • A FREE detailed inspection.
  • Comprehensive interior & exterior treatments.
  • Quarterly perimeter treatments.
  • Eco-friendly products that are tough on bugs and easy on Mother Nature.
  • Service provided by highly trained exterminators.

We're happy to discuss treatment options - give us a call at 904-733-7488 for any questions!

Termite Treatment in St. Johns

No homeowner wants to learn they have termites, and for good reason. Termites cause over $5 billion in damages to homes across the United States every year—that’s a lot of money! To prevent your home from becoming a part of that statistic, trust our termite exterminators in St. Johns. We use the latest technology to treat your home, wiping out termite colonies and keeping you protected for the long run.

Our St. Johns termite treatment is here to protect both your home and wallet. Not only do we prevent termites from causing thousands of dollars in damages, but we offer treatment at a price you can afford. We’re even offering $100 off our Sentricon® system when you sign up today!

Termite Control Tailored to You

Whether you need help eliminating an existing termite infestation or want to prevent one from ever taking hold, our termite control in St. Johns is the solution for you. We offer a variety of treatment plans that pack a punch against termites, including eco-friendly options! By customizing treatment to your needs, you get efficient, unbeatable relief.

When you choose our termite treatment in St Johns, we will:

  • Carefully inspect your property to look for signs of termite activity.
  • Customize a treatment plan with either liquid treatments or bait stations, depending on your needs.
  • Return annually to ensure your home stays termite-free.
  • Give you our termite warranty, which includes free re-treatments.

Save $100 on Termite Treatment in St. Johns

Save 10% on Mosquito Control in St. John’s

Nothing spoils an outdoor gathering quite like mosquitos. Their bites itch, they buzz in your ears, and they’re seemingly impossible to get rid of on your own. However, with Trad’s no hassle, eco-friendly mosquito control, bites and buzzing won’t ruin your next barbeque. 

Mosquito Prevention in St. John’s 

Hosting outdoor events with friends and families is one of the greatest pleasures of owning a home. But, when mosquitos take over your outdoor spaces, that pleasure can turn it into a pain! In addition to their signature itching bites, mosquitos have been known to carry Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus. In short, Northeastern Florida’s mosquitoes are no joke. Fortunately, our pest control experts at Trad’s have been specializing in mosquito control for nearly 5 decades and we’re trained and ready to send your mosquitoes packing for good.

Nearly 50 Years of Mosquito Control Experience 

As a local, family-owned business, we have been in the mosquito control business since 1971, during which time we’ve made fast, flexible, community-focused, and environmentally-conscious service our mission. But don’t just take our word for it - we have been designated as “Highest Quality” by the National Pest Management Association, which is an honor given to only 3% of pest control companies, nationally. 

Trad’s trusted mosquito control service includes:

  • A free inspection of your whole property, conducted by one of our expert mosquito control technicians. 
  • Eco-friendly treatment, using EPA-approved products to keep your local environment healthy. 
  • Backpack misting, consisting of 6 treatments over the course of a year, each covering 60 days.
  • Installation of mosquito traps and monitors. 
  • Free re-treatments if you are unsatisfied with our service!

Save 10% on Mosquito Control today!

Our Mosquito Control Guarantee

At Trad’s Pest Control, we stand behind our service. If for any reason you are unhappy with our mosquito control service, we will make it right. As St. Johns’ most trusted mosquito experts, we guarantee free yard re-treatments if mosquitoes persist after our initial round of service. Just call our 24-hour phone line at 904-733-7488 and our technicians will return at your convenience and treat your yard until mosquitoes are gone forever!

Flea Control in St. John’s

Few pests across history have caused more havoc than the flea. These tenacious parasites are known for hitching a ride on household pets, but they aren’t picky. Fleas can get into your home on rodents, through open windows, or even by hitching a ride on you! Even a small flea infestation in your home can grow quickly, so fast and effective flea control is essential. At Trad’s, that’s exactly what our flea control in St. John’s provides. 

Flea control in St. John’s from Trad’s Pest Control includes:

  • Interior and exterior service
  • Follow up service within 2 weeks
  • One-time treatment options
  • Recurring treatments, as needed
  • Free re-treatments in the event of fleas returning

Schedule your FREE inspection today!

Flea Control that Actually Keeps Fleas Away

At Trad’s Pest Control, we won’t stop working for you until the job is done. Where other flea control services may treat once and call it a day, that has never been who we are. Since 1971, we have prided ourselves on finishing the job, no matter what. If, after our initial flea control treatment, you still notice fleas in your home or you are unhappy with our service, we pledge to fix the problem right away. Just call our office and an expert exterminator will return to your home to perform any necessary re-treatments at no additional cost to you!

24-Hour Webchat for Round-the-Clock Care

Nothing is as scary as dealing with a pest infestation alone. Every year, pests cause billions of dollars in damage to U.S. homes. The worst pests can even expose you to dangerous diseases, such as the mosquito-borne West Nile Virus or Hantavirus carried by rodents. With Trad’s, you’ll get pest control in St. Johns as well as 24-hour webchat and text access to professionals who can answer all your pest-related questions. With Trad’s, you’ll always have an expert by your side.

You’ll Be Pest-Free—or We’ll Re-treat!

You shouldn’t have to worry about pests returning after a service. That’s why we guarantee your home will be pest-free when you choose Trad’s for your pest control in St. John’s! Call us at anytime you see pests in between services, and we will re-treat at no additional cost to you.

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Save money today!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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September 30, 2021

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